Proa Boat Launch




Notice the nicely streamlined pvc pipe ama - I never got around to finishing the ends nicely. I used a couple of bowls the next time, which worked a little better, but sill wasn't quite up to scratch. I will eventually build a stitch and glue ama.

The way I rigged the sail made it impossible to move the center of effort far enough forward, which meant that I spent most of the time at the very back of the boat in an effort to bear away a bit. Need make the mast intersection higher so that I can elevate the rear of the crab claw higher to move the CE forward.

This time I tried the shunting rig crab claw configuration. Not very successful due to a lot of back winding from turbulent air. Rigging lines also stretched making control a bit tough.

Went out quite nicely, but struggled through the shunt until I ended up dropping the mast and paddling back in.